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IZIP bicycles have a clean look and are simple to use!Come experience the freedom and fun of one of our IZIP electric hybrid bicycles!IZIP hybrid electric bicycles are efficient, earth-friendly and most of all, fun! These exciting bikes with built-in battery-powered electric motors, feature technology that makes every ride easier and faster, so it's easy to leave the car behind. IZIP's smooth, powerful Electro-Drive motors let you float up hills and whir past traffic jams on your way to and from work. Plus, if you get tired or just want a break, you can relax and let the IZIP do all the work with no pedaling required on your part!

Certain IZIP bicycles are designed to electrically supplement your pedaling, making you faster than before. And, there are other models that allow you to select between pedal-only and electric-only propulsion so you can control the excitement. Either way, you'll be amazed by the speed and comfort that these beautiful electric bikes provide.

An IZIP makes commuting to work easier, greener and healthier too!Riding a bicycle is great exercise, really easy on the joints and muscles and it get you out enjoying the scenery while you also get where you need to go. With an IZIP in your garage, you'll find yourself cycling instead of driving and you'll become healthier and happier.

Plus, at only pennies per charge, no need for fuel, and no exhaust or giant footprint, IZIPs are extremely economical to operate, super user-friendly, and nice and green too. Mostly, though, we bet you'll love the smooth, powerful feel of IZIP's electric motor that makes every ride a blast.

More and more people are turning to electric vehicles to improve their lives and the IZIP is one of the most affordable and fun e-machines you can own. Swing by and take a test ride soon to experience the amazing ride.



In a hurry? This bike can sure hustle and is built to get you through town lightening fast and under great control. Don't even think about grabbing your car keys—it's 5pm, traffic's crazy, you're not getting anywhere and there's no parking anyway. Get on the E3 Dash instead. At 28 miles per hour, with rider assistance, you'll be there before the car. It's got sleek up to date styling, and great parts. Right tool for the job and smooth riding -- a perfect urban assault bike. The new edition is chockfull of minor upgrades improving an already great experience.

  • • Built to go fast: A powerful motor, aggressive riding position, and speed-focused components make no compromises.
  • • The downtube-mounted lithium-ion battery pack doesn’t just look sleek: its low center of gravity helps the bike handle better, and its 48V high capacity design means better efficiency for all day riding.
  • • The rear hub motor is silent, smooth, and powerful. The centrally-mounted LCD shows speed, distance and time in addition to controlling the hybrid assist.
  • • A remote button pad lets you operate the system without taking your hand from the bars


Cruisers are classic bikes for a reason. They're simple, comfortable, stylish, and stand out from the crowd, yet traditionally they're also heavy and slow. The E3 Zuma brilliantly changes all of that negative into a positive fast riding hard climbing mount, mixed in with all those things you already love, to make an awesome ride experience. With up to 35 miles of range in the battery you won't have to worry about getting tired, and with the comfortable cruiser components you can ride all day in your casual street clothes. This bike will take you around and around.

  • • The high-torque high efficiency 500 watt 48 volt rear hub motor gets you around at up to 20 mph in classic California beach style!
  • • The integrated battery pack is the evolution of our in-frame battery technology. You won’t think about it when it’s hidden away in the seat tube, but you’ll thank us when you’re carrying it upstairs to charge—instead of the whole bike.
  • • The PAS/TAG+ control system combines a throttle and pedal assist sensor so choose exactly how you want to cruise.


Why ride your bike to work, wouldn't you rather be on your own time doing your own thing? Ah...what if you could do both? Sure this bike is a wonderful commute bike but it can do so much more. It's more a town bike. That's why calling a bike like the E3 Path+ a commuter is doing it a disservice. Look: ride it to work! No one's stopping you! But why quit there? Take a day off some time and ride this so-called commuter bike somewhere else. Ignore all those important emails and don't answer when your boss calls—just listen to the wind in your ears and smell the salt air. You might just realize that you were riding to work because it was fun, and it got you in the mood!

  • • People loved using the original Path to get around town. We designed the Path+ to help you get around... well, everywhere. With a motor that is twice as powerful and a battery that is almost twice the capacity, the new Path+ boasts performance to match its sleek European city style.
  • • The rear hub motor is silent, smooth, and powerful. The centrally-mounted LCD shows speed, distance and time in addition to controlling the hybrid assist. A remote button pad lets you operate the system without taking your hand from the bars.
  • • The rear rack battery is easy to remove, so you can charge it anywhere.
  • • City-riding accessories keep you clean and dry all the way to your destination.
  • • Commuter tires for maximum speed and disc brakes for maximum control.

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